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Bahamas Trip Winter 2015 -- 1 to 28 February 2015

1 Feb 2015 -- Third day at Old Bahama Bay Marina, West End Grand Bahama

We could say a lot, but really ... it's Super Bowl Sunday so we are staying put to ensure we can watch the game. We had a relaxing day. Gary fixed a super breakfast near noon and we plan to graze on popcorn and hotdogs all day. We watched most of the sailboats leave this morning even though the wind was blowing a bit. The seas on the bank did not look too bad. There was also a half dozen fishing boats that headed back to the states today. I also found that the electrical problem we experienced on Friday was not totally fixed. The inverter charger was not charging. Some checking and help from a local electrician determined I had a cable no longer making a proper connection in the 8 battery house bank. This was most likely caused by the movement of a battery in the heavy seas coming across. It is now fixed ... all working as designed all day. We are good to go. No pictures. We just had a lazy day.

2 Feb 2015 -- Fourth Day at Old Bahama Bay

The wind was really blowing ... 30+ knots and we were happy to stay put. Two sailboats left because they had a schedule to keep. Shame on them. Amazingly 4 boats came in, all but one said it was a terrible day on the water. The fourth sailor we all dis believed --- such a macho type guy. We enjoyed the day waiting for the 3rd which was predicted to be a good travel day.

Nancy relaxing
150 foot MY Vision
Phil and Gary getting boat ready to go
Rough Water on the 2nd
Boat bow out of water -- rough water
MV Black Gold backing into slip

3 Feb 2015 -- Old Bahama Bay, West End to Great Sale Cay

Weather was predicted to be great ... 2 foot seas to Great Sale ... so we got underway at 9 AM, fueled the boat and headed toward the Abacos. A pleasant 5 hour trip to Great Sale Cay where we anchored mid afternoon and relaxed, ate a great meal and went to bed early. We were ready for a trip to Green Turtle Cay tomorrow. Gary and I put the dinghy down and took Maddy in for a trip ashore.

Taking Maddy in to shore
Carey and Nancy on the back deck
The Dinghy astern of Apolonia

4 Feb 2015 -- Great Sale Cay to Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Up at Great Sale by 6:30 am. Gary and I both for some reason awoke early. We took Maddy ashore and she did her business. Back on the boat we all got ready and headed out for our 56 nautical mile trip to Green Turtle Cay just after 8 AM. We make the easy trip with smooth seas and plenty of sunshine and 75 degree weather catching a mooring ball by 3 pm in Black Sound at Green Turtle Cay. We put the dinghy down, took Maddy for her walk and used the dinghy to go to Leeward Yacht Club for dinner, great sweet and sour Chicken on brown rice. We are now settled down and will explore the local Cay for the next few days.

Apolonia thru the trees.
Gary walking Maddy
Dinghy tied up for our Dinner

5 Feb 2015 -- Second Day at Green Turtle Cay, Black Sound

Up to hot coffee and sunshine. We decided to stay on the mooring ball another day. Donnie, the owner of the marina maintaining the mooring field told us a thunderstorm was due at noon. We put out a couple extra lines on the mooring buoy, read a bit and waited for the storm. It hit at noon with heavy winds and a lot of rain ... put a lot of water in the dinghy hanging off the stern. When the rain ended we took Maddy for her walk and then walked in to New Plymouth settlement for dinner. We had 4 fantastic meals, walked back to the boat and played a game of Farkle that Nancy won handily. Tomorrow we are planning on moving to Leeward Yacht Club, a marina in Black Sound. We'll rent a golf cart and explore the rest of the Cay.

Driveway to a home.
New Plymouth at Green Turtle
Home in New Plymouth
A Gomb Bay Smash at place that created it
Another view of Smash Place
Jail in the town
Streets in town of New Plymouth
Unique home in New Plymouth
On Board playing Farkle

6 Feb 2015 -- Third Day at Green Turtle Cay, Black Sound

Last night the boat moved a lot on the mooring buoy and we awoke to strong winds. We had previously arranged to move to Leeward Yacht Club for the next two days and were happy we did so. We called, and even though the wind would be blowing us off the pier at better than 15 knots the marina said they had plenty of help to get us in. We moved off the mooring buoy and headed for the face dock at Leeward YC. We arrived and one dock hand and 5 fellow boaters were standing by. It made the landing easy! We settled in, rented a golf cart and toured the island. Lunch, shopping and simple site seeing were part of the agenda. Back at the boat mid afternoon, we relaxed than attended the Leeward Yacht Club's bar happy hour. Now we are back onboard with Nancy and Carey fixing a great chicken dish. We plan to stay here another day then head south to Nippers and Hope Town on Sunday. We finished the day with another game of Farkle which Carey won handily.

Lunch spot
Sandy beach at a local bar
Atlantic Ocean
Our Golf Cart Driver
Roads in Green Turtle Cay area
View from Leeward Bar over pool

7 Feb 2015 -- Fourth Day at Green Turtle Cay, Black Sound

Nice day except for the wind which was up a bit too much. Nancy and Carey washed clothes today. They stopped for lunch and the four of us went to McIntosh's for a fantastic meal. After lunch Nancy and Carey took off in the Golf Cart to explore the island and find some sea shells. We later relaxed except for the work to finish the laundry. Carey fixed a Mexican burrito meal for us on board and to finish the evening we played a game of Mexican Train.

Lunch spot
Carey checked out the dessert bar
Lizard Bar at Leeward
Drinks after laundry done
Sunset at Green Turtle Black Sound
Some laundry drying

8 Feb 2015 -- Green Turtle Cay, Black Sound to Guiana Cay (Nippers)

Gary and I took the golf cart to Green Turtle Marina and filled the gas tank. We returned and found out that a trip thru Whale Cay was possible. We got underway at 9 AM and headed for Guana, an 18 mile trip that included an excursion into the Ocean and back thru Whale Cut to the Sea of Abaco. The wind was 15 to 20 and the seas were 4-5 foot on the port bow. Not too bad as they were on the bow. We made the trip thru the Cut and landed 30 minutes later in the Sea of Abaco and headed for Nippers on Great Guana Cay. We arrived at 11 AM and moored at Orchid Bay Maria. By noon we were eating pork ribs and drinking a bit at Nippers Restaurant. After a great lunch we watched a group of guys recover a center console boat that had turned over at Nippers by high seas in the morning and move it to safety. We then traveled by golf cart to Grabbers, another local bar, to have a drink or two. We're now on board (about 6 PM) to have some light fare for the evening and then turn in. We'll use the golf cart to tour the island tomorrow morning and then move to Marsh Harbor tomorrow afternoon before another high wind event comes our way.

Entrance to Leeward Marina
Roads in Green Turtle
Apolonia in Orchid Bay Marina
Apolonia from front office
Pool from Marina office
Walking to Nippers
Dinner Plate
Nancy and Carey
Ocean View
Furniture made from pallets
Up righting flipped boat
Boat waiting to pull boat
Ready to be Towed
Road from Nippers
Pool at Grabbers, Guana Cay
Sunset at Grabbers
Group getting back to boat

9 Feb 2015 -- Guana Cay (Nippers) to Harbor View Marina Marsh Harbor

Up at normal time, we took the golf cart on a trip around Guana Cay to show Gary and Nancy the area. We returned to the boat at Orchid Bay Marina and were underway by 9:30 am. We only had 10 miles to travel to Marsh Harbor, an easy trip. We decided to go to Marsh Harbor as a high wind front is expected for the next two days and Marsh Harbor is a pleasant place to be in high winds. We'll move to Hope Town on Wednesday or Thursday. We tied up in Harbor View Marina, Marsh Harbor about 11 AM and had lunch at Curly Tails Restaurant. This arrival lunch at Curly Tails is a tradition for Carey and I on our last 4 trips here. In the afternoon, Nancy and Carey walked to the grocery store and Gary and I did a few chores on the boat; fixed a loose water facet and got the salt off the boat. We met with and caught up with old friends that were at Harbor View. Gary and I attended the 5 PM happy hour and told as good a story as any one else. Fun time. Nancy and Carey prepared a great meal of all of our left overs from the past few days, then we completed the Mexican Train game we started several days ago. We made plans to rent a car tomorrow and drive around the Great Abaco Island.

Local Art
A local dock supporting dive ops
Fire and Rescue building
Traditional lunch at Curley Tails
Toasting sunset with Conk Shells
The all important dinghy

10 Feb 2015 -- Second day at Harbor View, Marsh Harbor

We came here before going to Hope Town because the forecast was for a major wind event. It happened. This morning the wind was at a steady 20 knots and increased to 35 throughout the day. We made good use of the day by renting a car and driving around the Abaco Island. We toured Pete's Pub and Cherokee Village south of Marsh Harbor then returned, made a stop at the liquor store and bakery, then moved on to the Abaco Inn for some refreshments. Gary, Nancy and Carey got to walk the Atlantic Ocean beaches for shells and came away with a bunch. We took Maddy and she enjoyed the day. Once home we turned down a happy hour event at the marina and Carey and Nancy made us a 5 star dinner of Salad, Cornish Game Hens, mashed potatoes and green beans. Just can't get better than this. Tomorrow we'll be wishing with the rest of the boaters that the wind dies down.

Dolphins playing in the marina
View from Pete's Pub
Nancy from walk way at Pete's Pub
Lunch at Pete's Pub
Ocean view from Pete's Pub
More Ocean Views
Gary and Nancy on the beach
Waves breaking from the Ocean
What's this on the beach
Streets of Cherokee -- narrow
View into Abaco Inn
Large boat in harbor


11 Feb 2015 -- Third day at Harbor View, Marsh Harbor

Up to a relaxing day. Gary and I topped off the dinghy gas tank and installed the dinghy fender on the swim platform. Carey and Nancy went shopping. All this after Gary fixed a great breakfast of sausage gravy over biscuits. We all relaxed as the wind died down and became normal again, with 70 degree temperatures. We had dinner at the Jib Room at Marsh Harbor Marina. They had their usual rib night with a Limbo entertainment event. All except Nancy had ribs. Nancy had the fish dinner that was a Mai cooked in a spices and sauce that she loved. She tried to get the chef to tell her how it was cooked; he would not. Even so, it was a great day.

Nancy finding us seats at Jib Room
Carey and Nancy at Jib Room
View of the buffet table
Carey, Nancy and Marty at Jib Room
The crew eating dinner
The Jib Room Cafe
Start of the Limbo Show
Rake and Scrape Music with Limbo
More music pictures
Start of Limbo
Limbo ... continued
He made it

12 Feb 2015 -- Fourth day at Harbor View, Marsh Harbor

We decided to go to Hope Town today, but do it by ferry, leaving the boat at Marsh Harbor. We wanted Nancy and Gary to experience a ferry trip and keeping the boat at Marsh Harbor ensured we'd have a safe secure spot for heavy winds expected early next week. We boarded the ferry at 9 AM and took the 20 minute ride to Hope Town. We walked the quaint and beautiful town then rented a golf cart to explore the rest of the Elbow cay, including Seaspray Marina, Abaco Inn and Tahiti Beach. We came back to Marsh Harbor on the 3 PM ferry and joined the Harbor View Marina crowd for cocktails at 5 PM. Carey made her famous Italian sausage spaghetti for dinner and then we played a game of Farkle. Another easy day.

Gary and Nancy at the ferry
Ferry underway at 12 knots
View of Hope Town Harbor
Hope Town Light House
Da Crazy Crab
More of the Harbor
New beard and hat for Phil
Loyalists Landed in Hope Town
Dinghy Dock
On Atlantic Ocean Beach
Abaco Inn at Ocean front
Ocean boiling
Long view of Ocean Seas
Carey & Nancy on Tahiti Beach
Home at Tahiti Beach
Nancy's father's nickname
Happy Hour at Harbor View
Nancy drinking her birthday wine

13 Feb 2015 -- Fifth day at Harbor View, Marsh Harbor

A very relaxing day. We stayed in Marsh Harbour. The ladies went shopping. Gary and I relaxed and read. We all had lunch at Snappas and later ate dinner on board. Nancy put together all of our left overs from the past few days and it was an amazing meal. We heard that Snappas would have a band so we went up and grabbed a table at 9 PM only to find out the band cancelled and a DJ ... not very good ... took their place. We came home early. Tomorrow, with reasonable weather, we are taking the boat to Man of War Cay for a flea market.

Nancy fixing dinner
Gary relaxing with Maddy

14 Feb 2015 -- Fifth day at Harbor View, Marsh Harbor

We decided to go to Man of War Cay for the flea market they hold annually as a fund raiser. We were underway by 8:30 AM and tied to a mooring ball at Man of War Cay by 9:30. Dinghy in the water and we all five (Gary, Nancy, Phil, Carey and Maddy) were in dinghy and headed to the local community. We walked the town and shopped. Also ate a great hot dog and hamburger. We returned to the boat and motored back to Marsh Harbor, moored by 1 PM. The wind started blowing a bit and we were happy to be in Marsh Harbor. For dinner we went to the Jib Room for their steak night. The best steaks in the area. After dinner, that included us and 5 people from Harbor View Marina we returned to the boat and let Gary and Nancy pack for their departure tomorrow.

Gary and Nancy on the bow
Dinghy Dock ashore
Shopping at the Flea Market
Flea Market
Leaving Man of War Cay
Marsh Harbour Roads
Where is Phil?
Carey and Nancy at Jib Room
Dining Room Crowd
The Jib Room
Part of our group at Jib Room

15 Feb 2015 -- Sixth day at Harbor View, Marsh Harbor

Today was departure day for Gary and Nancy. The four of us had a fantastic time traveling from Florida and covering a large part of the Bahamas on Apolonia. Gary and Nancy were aboard almost three weeks and we all four had a good time. We enjoyed their company. Carey and I relaxed aboard Apolonia today while the wind blew a bit. We are probably going to stay in Marsh Harbour for another week then decide what to do next. No pictures today. We did talk to Gary and Nancy late today and confirmed their safe arrival back in Florida.

16 Feb 2015 at Harbor View, Marsh Harbor

A beautiful day, much better than the forecast. 70 degrees, light winds and plenty of sunshine. We've decided to stay at Marsh Harbour for another week. We'll update the website but not every day as we're relaxing and doing minor running around and some boat chores. Expect an update every 2-3 days for the next "while."

17-19 Feb 2015 at Harbor View, Marsh Harbor

We are watching the news and see the major cold gripping the Northeast, with snow in Colonial Beach. These 3 days (Tue, Wed and Thursday) have seen 2 cold fronts blowing through. Tuesday and Wednesday temps were in the high 60s with some rain and clouds. Today, Thursday, as the last front passed through the wind howled up past 30 knots and the temperatures dropped to the high 50s. We are reading and relaxing at Harbour View Marina. Last night the crews of the boats at the marina gathered by the pool for a cookout and a game of trivia. We are waiting for warmer weather (above 70 degrees) which is now predicted this weekend. Crossing our fingers. Take care up north!

20 Feb 2015 -- Harbor View Marina Marsh Harbor

Wind clocked around so we were protected from the 20 knots of wind in the marina. The sun was shinning and it was a pleasant day. Carey and I walked to town, picked up some cash and food items we needed then ate a leisurely lunch at a new cafe. Later we gathered with the boaters at Harbour View for cocktails on the pier than walked a short distance to Snappas for free appetizers and happy hour prices on drinks. Just a nice easy relaxing day. We are on board settled in for the evening.  Our plans now call for leaving here Monday and anchoring at Tahiti Beach on the Sea of Abaco for a day or two then moor in Hope Town for the rest of next week. It is nice to not be in a hurry. Realizing that the fronts are coming through more frequently this winter we will probably forego a trip to the Exumas as that will just be too uncomfortable.

A "shopping strip mall" in Marsh Harbour
A Nice Viking Sport Fish
Strawberry Monkey Yacht Club Hat
Part of the boaters at Snappas
A Look from Snappas to the Marina
Even at night pool inviting -- heated

21-22 Feb 2015 -- Harbor View Marina Marsh Harbor

Up on the 21st we walked to Boat Harbour for lunch and to find the Rear Commodore of the Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club. We decided to join this club as it is now providing great discounts at marinas in the local area ... 1/2 price at the marina we will be going to in Hope Town. Had a nice lunch and learned we could easily sign up to the yacht club on line. We did. On Sunday the 22nd we got up and watched our national talking heads on the TV. Carey did the yeomans chore of doing laundry while I cleaned the sides of the boat. I also prepared a breakfast brunch that Carey thought was good. I don't do it often but nice to please her. I walked up to watch the Bocci Ball tournament held among the boaters at Harbour View and Mangroes marina in the late afternoon. The weather appears to be good for the upcoming week, so we'll go anchor at Tahiti Beach for two days then move to Hope Town after that. Probably no wifi for the next two days.

Sailboat aground - real low tide
Bocci Ball Tournament
Sun going down -- back door

23 Feb 2015 -- Tahiti Beach Elbow Cay -- Anchored

Finally it is HOT! Low wind speed and 75 degree temperatures and we are happy. It appears the weather will be nice for a week. We got underway from Marsh Harbour (Harbor View Marina) at noon and traveled 10 miles to Tahiti Beach where we are now anchored. We arrived by 2:00 pm. At 5:30 we took Maddy to the beach. She ran and ran, having a great time rolling in the sandy beach. Once we got back aboard Carey had to give Maddy a fresh water shower. Carey fixed a great dinner and we are now relaxing on board.

Beautiful area near Tahiti Beach
View of Anchorage
Maddy running in the sand
View of the Land
Apolonia and the dinghy
Carey washing Maddy

24 Feb 2015 -- Tahiti Beach Elbow Cay -- Anchored

Second day at Tahiti Beach ... absolutely beautiful ... warm and sunny with low winds ... a real treat. Plenty of boats moving about and we're anchored, enjoying life. Took Maddy in to the sandy beach twice on the dinghy. She's a beach dog that is for sure. Carey is fixing a meal on board. Cracker Ps is a local restaurant in the area and is closed Monday and Tuesday. We don't care. Tomorrow we're off for Hope Town.

Dinghy of nearby anchored boater
View of Tahiti Beach
Dinghy at rest tied to Apolonia
Phil relaxing and reading
Anchored boat off Beach
Beautiful evening view

25 Feb 2015 -- Hope Town Inn and Marina, Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas

Lovely day. We started with taking Maddy into Tahiti Beach where she played with another dog while we visited with their owners. I swear that Maddy ran for one hour. She ran with the other dog and chased sea gulls on the sandy beach. She had a ball and is sleeping soundly now. New friends Joe and Sue showed up on their dinghy about 11 AM and visited for a while. By noon we were underway for Hope Town. We moored at the new Hope Town Inn and Marina, for $1/foot. We ate at their restaurant -- fantastic meal -- and visited with other new friends from Canada. We'll decide in the morning but will probably go to a mooring ball for another day or two in Hope Town. No pictures as I was a bit lazy.

26 Feb 2015 -- Hope Town Inn and Marina, Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas

Another great day. We continued our visit at Hope Town Inn and Marina. Joe and Sue, from Canada, stopped by for morning coffee. We decided to go to lunch with them to at Da Beach restaurant. We also invited John and Ria, more Canadians we've met. Weather dictated that we remain at the marina.  All six of us landed at the restaurant and tasted great luncheon meals. John and Ria went back to their boat, while Joe, Sue and Carey and I strolled through Hope Town. We had dinner on our own and Joe and Sue came back to our boat in the late evening where we played cards, including a new game we learned called Uker (spelling???). We'll head back to Marsh Harbour tomorrow.

Restaurant & pool at Hope Town Inn and Marina
View of Marina at Hope Town
Door of Police Station in Hope Town
Parking Lot in Hope Town
View of Ocean
Lunch spot on Ocean Front
Our Gang eating lunch
Nice home in Hope Town
Narrow Streets
Ocean front grave yard
Carey on the Dinghy Dock
Carey enjoying lunch

27 Feb 2015 -- Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas

Up to a warm and cloudy day. We prepared and got underway by 11 AM heading for Marsh Harbour. Our days of nice warm and sunny weather will be interrupted by a cold front with high winds so we wanted to be back in Marsh Harbour. We made the 8 mile trip easily and tied up by noon. Three boaters moored at Hope Town Inn and Marina needed to get to the clinic and asked for a ride over. They would take the ferry back. It was fun having them onboard for the trip to Marsh Harbour. On arrival we went to Snappas for burgers then relaxed on board until the nightly cocktail hour with the locals at Harbour View. We're now onboard and about ready for bed. Tomorrow we'll make plans for the rest of our stay in the Bahamas.

28 Feb 2015 -- Harbor View Marina Marsh Harbor

Last day of the month. We are settled in at Harbour View as a cold front comes through; clouds and 15 knots of wind -- a pleasant cool day really. We relaxed and Carey did some serious cleaning on the boat. We ate aboard, just taking it easy.

Clouds rolling in
Apolonia safely tied to a pier
Mode of travel to and from boats