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Florida and Bahamas Trip Winter 2016-2017 - 1-31 January 2017

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1 January 2017

The start of January. It is a football day. Pat Frappier left today by plane for home as she was just having too many issues with sea sickness. So, there are six of us left for the rest of the trip; Carey and I and Gary and Nancy on Apolonia (along with our two dogs Hambone and Maddy) and Bob and Gail Mayer on Gailwinds. We really did relax today. Last night was a party! On board after an afternoon at the beach, Nancy and Carey fixed baked chicken, rice and salad for dinner. Good comfort food getting us ready for bed. Happy New Year to everyone. We wish you the best for 2017.  I'll pass on two pictures left over from 2016; another picture of Apolonia making her way to her West End Old Bahama Bay slip on Thursday and Gary on his pink bicycle as he road from West End to the first Bahamian settlement south of West End the other day.  Bob and Gail took the picture of Apolonia as they arrived well before us last Thursday.  Tomorrow we'll take a "chore" day ... definitely not a work day, then head out on Tuesday for Green Turtle Cay in the Grand Abacos, stopping part way at Great Sale Cay to anchor for the evening. 

Apolonia headed to Old Bahama Bay slip
Gary on his bike

2 January 2017

Monday morning and we're really quiet. Gary and I worked a few chores; checking the operation of the trim tabs and we bleed the hydraulic steering system as we felt it was a bit eratic on the transit over from Flordia. It did need a bit of fluid and we bleed some air out of the system. Hopefully this will help the steering system operation. At the end of the day all six of the people on the trip (Bob, Gail, Gary Nancy, Phil and Carey) gathered on Apolonia for a dinner of pork and left overs. It was a great meal. Tomorrow we're off for Great Sale Cay to anchor, almost halfway to Green Turtle Cay.

3 January 2017

Interesting day! Engine check showed I had a leak in the raw water system for the generator. It took an hour to fix with a piece of plastic, rubber tape and a wire tie. We'll do the permanent fix once at a marina. Underway at 10 AM we suffered 4 foot seas for 1 mile from West End to the Grand Bahamian Bank in the Atlantic Ocean. A wild ride ... lots of furniture movement. Safely on the bank after the mile wide ride, we traveled quietly at 10 mph to Great Sale where we are rafted together for the evening. Carey fixed a great Mexican meal added to by Gail's devil's eggs. It just can't get better. Here are a few pictures.

Taking the dogs for a
walk at Great Sale Cay
The Dinghy unloading
with Bob's help.

The Dinghy
The boats looking south
Boats Rafted
Gailwinds bow   
Yep ... a duplicate picture   
Looking between boats

4 January 2017

Up on time, Gary and I took the dogs in for their constitutional, we untied Bob and Gail, raised our anchor and both boats were then underway for Green Turtle Cay, a 55 mile trip. Beautiful weather and we cruised at 10 knots all day long, arriving in Black Sound, Green Turtle Cay at 3 PM. Just after arrival a squall showered us with rain and lighting. The Cay lost power for an hour and we all gathered on Gailwinds for cocktails. The power was restored by dinner and we ate at the Leeward Yacht Center, where we are moored for the evening. Simply fantastic food. We're now back on board relaxing. We'll tour the Cay tomorrow on some golf carts.

Gary on the bow
enjoying the weather
Entering Black Sound Channel
Continuing to the Leeward
Yacht Center
The crowd at dinner
Leeward Yacht Center
Evening view of Leeward
Yacht Center
Gail and Nancy enjoying the
"best" chocolate bread pudding

5 January 2017

Beautiful start to the day ... light winds and sunshine ... and this was first night since leaving Florida 29 December that we slept with air conditioning. There was no electricity at West End and we don't run the generator while sleeping, which is required for air conditioning. The night before last we rafted at Great Sale and again did not run the generator while sleeping. So last night was a nice relief with cool air conditioning. The six of us rented two golf carts and toured the Cay, eating lunch at Tranquil Turtle, a beach side restaurant. After a little rest we started a run on the local bars and restaurants. Pineaples, followed by Miss Emily's and finally Laures kitchen where we ate good asian food. Gary and I went shopping in the afternoon for some needed supplies and were lucky to find a replacement toilet seat that had broken, some JB weld we need to repair a small leak. All in all, a great day. We'll probably stay a while longer here. We're enjoying.

Small roads in Green Turtle Cay
Swimming pool at Pineapples bar
Foilage on the Cay (Island)
The bar at Tranquail Turtle
The beach at Tranquail Turtle bar
Gail and Bob on beach
Our driver, Gary, in the golf cart
Skinny roads in Green Turtle Cay
Bob getting off Gailwinds
Bob and Gail on
the Cart tour ride
Pineapples bar

Beautiful sunset

The pasted walls at Emily's

The group at Laures
Asian restaurant
Nancy with a young
child at Laures

6 January 2017

Another beautiful day in the Abacos, Bahamas. Gary and I washed the boat, Carey cleaned the inside, and then we all relaxed. Carey and I stayed at Leward Yacht Club, eating at their restaurant and then came back to the boat for reading and relaxing. Bob, Gail, Gary and Nancy took the golf cart (we went to one for the 6 of us) and did some more touring. Later this evening the six of us went to McIntosh's restaurant for their lobster special ... have it one of 12 different ways! Great meal. We're now on board and plan to sleep tight ... storm coming tomorrow so we will hunker down for a few days. Loving it!

The gang at McIntosh's
restaurant for lobster special

Bob and Nancy

And Bob slinking down
when the short people
jokes started
Lobster dinner with
mac and cheese and
rice and peas
The pier from the boat to land
at Leward Yacht Club

Apolonia at end of pier

7 January 2017

Storm is a coming! We are expecting lots of wind and rain this afternoon and evening. We are tied safely to the dock at Leward Yacht Club, bow to bow with Gail Winds. Mostly a quiet day today with a few chores getting done with a quick trip to the grocery store. After watching the first NFL play-off game Gail and Bob joined us on Apolonia and we had a joint dinner. Nancy fixed chili-mac and Gail brought chicken parmesan. We enjoyed the entrees and settled in to watch the Seahawks and Lions play some football. The front came through at dinner time. It passed quickly and the rain is now gone and the wind is much lower than originally predicted. All is good!  No pictures tonight.

8 January 2017

Up to windy conditions. We'll be here a while ... wind above 20 knots and predicted to be so for a number of days. We did our daily chores, but had time to join gracious hosts Bob and Gail Mayer on Gail Winds for a sausage and gravy breakfast ... and more ... as Gail cooked a surf and turf meal in the evening after the two NFL games ... steak and salmon. We hardly discussed the first NFL game as the powerful Steelers overpowered the Dolphins. But I needed my crying towel as we discussed the Packers win over the Giants. I like both teams but was really hoping the Giants would  prevail. Shame that they did not!

Breakfast on Gailwinds this morning
Hosts Bob and Gail for Surf and Turf
on Gailwinds this evening
Gail watching the Packers kick b---
with my crying towel on her shoulder
Phil using the crying towel as the
Giants lost to the Packers

9 January 2017

Up to windy conditions again. Checking the forecast it appears we'll be here another week. To get to the other parts of the Abacos we must go out in the Ocean around Whale Cay --- just 2 miles --- but the Ocean can pile 9 foot waves into the Whale Inlet making it unsafe. So we wait for a good day. Winds are predicted to be above 20 for the next week so we'll stay put and enjoy Green Turtle Cay. It's worth the time to explore so we'll do it. We walked, read, and relaxed today. Tomorrow Apolonia will move to Donnie's Marina while Gailwinds will stay at Leeward Yacht Club.  Donnie's is a favorite of ours and a bit less expensive but does not have the power that Gailwinds needs.  We'll be within 1 mile of each other but at different venues for the next few days.  This evening Carey was the cook and she fixed the six of us Shrimp Scampi, with Gail providing green beans. With three great cooks in the group ... Gail, Nancy and Carey ... we just can't get a bad meal. We're now settled in with the guys watching the College Football Championship games.

The gang at dinner on Apolonia
Bob and Carey at dinner
Gary and Nancy at dinner

10 January 2017

Changes today. Yep, we know we will be here a while. Apolonia moved to Donnie's Marina in the southern end of Black Sound and Gailwinds stayed at Leeward Yacht Club. The afternoon was quiet and relaxing but the wind was blowing at 20+. Bob and Gail joined us on Apolonia for afternoon cocktails and later they took us on their golf cart to McIntosh's where we had dinner. Now safely on board we're resting for the next events at Green Turtle Cay. Donnie's marina is a laid back marina for cruisers.  The power issues stopped Gailwinds from joining but we are still in close proximity and enjoying each others company.


Donnie's Marina grounds
Donnie's Dock
And he rents boats
Large catamaran at Donnie's
Boats on mooring buoys
Bob, Gary and Gail
on Apolonia for cocktails
Gail and Nancy

Gary, Carey and Nancy
at McIntosh's restaurant


11 January 2017

Another easy day. Bob and Gail rented a golf cart, did some shopping and laundry. Gary and Nancy toured the island a bit. Carey and I relaxed on board. We're ready for the winds to die down so we can move on. We'll watch the forecast and cross our fingers.

12 January 2017

Up to a bit of wind but sunshine and 75+ temperatures. We read and relaxed. We rented a golf cart and drove to White Sound Buff Point Beach restaurant for lunch, after visiting with Bob and Gail. They were up to chores and work. We were up to playing today.  Later in the day the six of us went to Harvey's Island Grill for dinner. A fine dinner it was. We are now back on board still hoping for light winds prior to next Wednesday.

Hambone and Maddy
ready to come into the salon
A beach front view
at White Sound, Green Turtle
Sea of Abaco ... water
on the bank
More beach front views
Today's transportation
View from Golf Cart
Homes in Green Turtle Cay
Marina in area
Newly paved road in Green Turtle
Nancy at dinner at
Harvey's Island Grill
The gang at Island
Grill, Green Turtle Cay
Vegetation in area

13 January 2017

Friday the 13th but good things are happening -- the winds are lower today and predicted to drop to below 10 knots soon. It may be that it will be next Wednesday or Thursday before we can go around Whale Cay into the Ocean and back to get to where we are going, but we know it's coming. And the long range forecast is for a full week of light winds starting next week. Hurrah!!! We mainly relaxed and hunkered down. Bob came over at 6:30 AM so we could listen to the single side band radio (HF -- long range) weather but the reception was not great. Bob went back home and he and Gail chilled out. Gary and I went to McIntosh's for breakfast -- a great breakfast and even better Bloody Mary. In the afternoon Gary and Nancy took Hambone to the beach for a run. We're back on board to a pork dinner that is smelling real good right now. Talk to you tomorrow. Sorry no pictures.

14 January 2017

Great Saturday as the wind continues to subside. Carey and Ann, her best friend talked via Skype and we had a great day. Sun was shinning. A few chores in the morning, then Bob, Gail, and the four of us had a late lunch at the Wrecking Tree Restaurant. All this in preps for the two NFL football games this evening. Carey and I took Maddy to the beach to run and run she did. Gary and Nancy took a long walk on the beach. Carey and I met Bob and Gail at Pineapples, a local bar on the beach, then all six of us headed to Apolonia for more cocktails. Bob and Gail left for their boat and the four of us settled in to watch the games and have left overs --- spaghetti! What more could you ask for.

Boaters working on the docks
at Donnie's
Many sailboats
at Donnie's
View from New Plymouth
settlement to bay
Conch fritters
at Wrecking Tree
Bob and Gail at Wrecking
Tree Restaurant
Gary and Nancy

Phil and Carey
Local card game
Local grocery
Menu for Wrecking
Tree Restaurant
Inter-island ferry boat
pulling in to Green Turtle Cay
Busy streets of New
Plymouth on GTC
A beautiful bay east of
Green Turtle Cay
Carey walking
in the water
Maddy running with her ball

Maddy running on the beach

Home in the foliage

Beautiful waterfront
area for homes
Foliage around homes
on the water
Bob buying a cigar
at Pineapples
Landscaping at Pineapples

15 January 2017

Bob texted us at 9 AM with "Bloodie Breakfast?" We agreed and Bob stopped by to get us. We headed for McIntosh's for the best Bloodie's we've had and a great breakfast. Back to the boats after breakfast for relaxation. NFL games started at 4:30 PM. Bob and Gail came with food and all six of us settled in to see the games. Nancy was ready with pom poms to encourage the Cowboys on. Of course Carey and Gail had those yellow and green Green Bay pom poms! Great fun. We ate on baked spaghetti and pork and coleslaw -- thanks to Gail and Nancy.

Cocunut Bread French Toast
with a Bloodie
Chickens and trash

View to Sea of Abaco

Road around New Plymouth
settlement beside the
Sea of Abaco
More views on the road
around the New Plymouth
Local grocery

Boat at dock on Sea of Abaco
Local homes
Some in need of repair
Narrow roads
More views
Welcome to New Plymouth sign
Bob and his golf cart

The Ladies with their Pom Poms

Lazy day on Black
Sound Green Turtle Cay
Gail celebrating some
great Packers event
Nancy hoping for a
Cowboy win
The boat "Sea Turtle"
secured at Donnie's Marina

16-17 January 2017

Monday the 16th was a good day ... wind still diminishing. We paid our bill at Donny's Marina and started plans for leaving Wednesday morning. Nancy made Eggs Benedict for breakfast, Gary and Nancy went for a long walk on the sandy beach, and I went to Gailwinds to help Bob repair a water hose to the Electro-san that came loose. Carey did some house hold chores. Easy day. Tuesday we read and drank lots of coffee and helped some boaters at our marina leave for the states or further south -- good signs that weather is improving. We rented a golf cart and met Bob and Gail at their boat and headed for our favorite lunch spot, Tranquil Turtle in White Sound. We enjoyed the continued Corn Hole tournament between Gail and Nancy. Nancy won the game today. We are back on the boat, getting ready to move south tomorrow.

Black Sound getting empty
as weather improves
Gail and Bob waiting for
us at their marina
Roof top patio on local home

Nice beach

Gary walking the beach

What a glass should
never be -- empty
What a glass should be -- full
Chicken Taco Salad
Corn Hole Tournament
And more
And more
And the winner today is Nancy
Bob and Gail following
us in their golf cart
Maddy on board the back
Hambone relaxing

18 January 2017

Up to light winds and plenty of sunshine. We were ready to move to Marsh Harbor for a few days. Underway at 10 AM with Gailwinds, we traveled 20 miles to Marsh Harbor. We went out in the Atlantic at Whale Cay and then back into the Sea of Abaco. The three miles out in the Ocean were nice, gentle rolling two foot seas with no chop. We then traveled on flat seas to Marsh Harbor. After tying up we went to Curly Tails restaurant for a late lunch, then later made a stop at Snappa's for a light dinner. Great day and we're ready to enjoy a new area of the Abacos.  After the pictures you will see a video that tries to provide a sense of the motion of the boat in the two foot seas in the Atlantic Ocean. 

People at Donnie's Marina
getting ready to leave to go south
Gary getting trash off the boat

Black Sound getting
empty as boats moved south
Gailwinds getting
ready for underway
Gary on bow as we
leave Black Sound
Sea of Abaco ... very flat

Passing Whale Cay
to the Atlantic Ocean
Half dozen sailboats
moving around Whale Cay
View into Marsh
Harbor anchorage
View from Curley
Tails Restaurant

The gang
eating lunch

Bob drinking with
an umbrella drink,
provided by Nancy
Bob and Gail at Snappa's
Sunset this evening


19 January 2017

Up to light winds and sunshine. Will be 75+ today. I'd scheduled a mechanic for mid morning to review the two minor issues we've had with the boat --- leak in generator heat exchanger that I have fixed temporarily and an inoperative fan in the inverter which I fixed by adding a separate fan for cooling. The mechanic is off trying to get parts and we'll see tomorrow if we are lucky to fix the issues permanently this week. Gary and I walked into town to see if the computer shops could fix his computer that crashed a few days ago -- no go it appears. Nancy and Carey did laundry and stopped by Snappas for lunch. Gary and I ate at "Colors by the Sea" that proved to be very good. After relaxing in the afternoon the gang of six (Bob, Gail, Gary, Nancy, Carey and I) walked to Abaco Resort at Boat Harbor Marina for cocktails. We met a very unique lady named Angie who was Captain for a cruising sailboat business. Great stories.

Nancy, Gary and Carey
waiting for the rest of us to go
to Abaco Resort
Apolonia berthed at
Harbor View Marina

The Wall of Hero's in
Marsh Harbor

Some of the Hero's
Abaco Resort Pool
Gary and Gail looking around
Pool side Tiki bar
Bob and Carey
Cat at Boat Harbor that Nancy liked


20 January 2017

Up and planning to move to Hope Town. We did some laundry, bought some wine, and relaxed, reading a bit. We'll leave for Hope Town tomorrow afternoon.  See you there.

Looking past the flag to waters of Sea of Abaco
Nancy, Bob and Carey on Gailwinds>

21 January 2017

Up to sunshine and low winds, but we know the storm is coming. Steve and Mary Ann Andrews are arriving this afternoon to join our gang. Carey made a trip in town for replenishment of some necessary items. Nancy and Gail went shopping and the guys got the boats ready to move to Hope Town. We'll stay there thru the heavy winds that are expected Sunday through Tuesday. We enjoyed the time at Harbour View marina and will return. Over the last several days Michael Jordon, Nicole Kidman, and husband Keith Urban walked the piers as they hopped aboard the Bakers Bay Ferry Boat (a very fancy 65' motor yacht) that operates out of this marina taking the rich and famous to the upscale Bakers Bay resort. We pulled out at 11:30 AM and arrived at Hope Town an hour later. Steve and Mary Ann arrived by ferry in Hope Town just after 4 pm. After cocktails at the Hope Town Inn and Marina, where we were staying, we took their harbor ferry boat to Harbor Edge restaurant for pizza and other food. Now back on board we're thinking of the next day's activities.

Gary and Nancy on bow
as we arrived Hope Town
Hope Town Lighthouse
and boats in the Harbor
Busy Hope Town Inn
and Marina
Views around Hope
Town Inn and Marina
Boats in Marina

Apolonia in her slip

Gailwinds in her slip

Bob walking to the
ferry landing
Steve and Gary

New members of the gang,
Steve and Mary Ann with Gail
Our gang eating dinner

The updated gang of 8 -- eating
dinner and now on the trip!

22 January 2017

We know the storm is coming but we had today to enjoy Hope Town, before the storm arrives on Monday. The gang on the trip includes eight people; Phil, Carey, Gary and Nancy on Apolonia and Bob, Gail, Steve and Mary Ann on Gailwinds. By 10 AM we were on our way via the Hope Town Marina shuttle to Hope Town proper and a walk about the town. Then we got two golf carts, with a bit of work, as the golf cart companies are closed on Sundays. We ate at Abaco Inn and used the carts to travel to Tahiti Beach, then back to Firefly restaurant and then to our boats to watch the Falcons win over the Packers and the Patriots win over the Steelers. Lopsided football. Bob, Gail, Steve and Mary Ann ate on Gailwinds ... I think they had steak and baked potatoes. Cary and Nancy fixed us a great football hot dog meal with chili, onions and baked beans.  Fantastic. Great things to see all day, but the unique part of the day was at Firefly restaurant. I have been trying to find the well kept secret recipe for Goom Bay Smashes, that were created at Blue Bee Bar on Green Turtle Cay by Miss Emily, the owner.  She passed away a couple of years ago, but the bar still sells Goom Bay Smashes. Many other bars have their own recipe for the drink, but none match the original. Well, we met a bar tender at Firefly --- whose name we'll never tell --- who knew Miss Emily personally and had her recipe. She made us one and ... it was right on! It was the perfect drink. We promised to tell no one and she gave us the recipe. Now I have it and you can come see me for one fine drink!    We'll now on board and settled for the evening.

Welcome to Hope Town
Ocean beach off Hope Town
Miniature home in front yard
Mary Ann fanning Steve

Narrow streets

Outside bar area at
Abaco Restaurant
Tahiti beach

Bob and Gail walking
Tahiti beach
Others walking on the beach

The original Goom
Bay Smash at FireFly
Waiting for the shuttle to
Hope Town Marina
Gary and Nancy walking
down the pier to the shuttle

23 January 2017

The wind is blowing this morning ... and it's raining, really hard! We drank some coffee and watched the weather pass over us. By 11 AM the rain left us and we decided to take the marina shuttle to Hope Town for lunch, even with strong winds. After lunch we walked around the town, found another very nice watering hole to spend a bit of time. Late afternoon we went back to the boats. Gail went back into Hope Town at 5 PM to play bingo for an hour or so then all of us moved to our separate boats for dinner. After dinner Gary, Nancy, Carey and I played Farkle, later joined by Bob who we taught the game to. Good fun. We're now getting ready for bed and tomorrow's activities, whatever they may be.

The ladies on Marina shuttle,
heading for lunch

Shuttle driver John with
Steve and Mary Ann
in background
Gary relaxing ...
you think

View from Capt Jacks,
our restaurant today
Ocean beach at Hope Town
Lodge ... notice clouds
Bar area at Hope Town Lodge

Bob at the bar
Steve and Carey at bar
Steve and Mary Ann
walking on the beach

24 January 2017

Up and yes, it was windy ...  but it was slowing down. Nancy fixed us Bahamian coconut bread French toast and bacon. Amazing! A relaxing day ... Gary, Nancy, Steve and Mary Ann went to the beach while Bob, Gail, Carey and I relaxed on board. For dinner we went to the Hope Town Lodge .... it truly is a 4 star restaurant. Carey and I had Steak Au Poiuve -- excellent -- and others had meals that were the best they have had in a long time. A fitting end to the day. We're back on board. Tomorrow the winds will be down and we'll be on our way to Guana Cay and Nippers!!! Hurrah.

On the way to dinner
at Hope Town Lodge
Restaurant setting up for
the 8 of us
Steve and Mary Ann at
Hope Town Hodge
Bob and Gail at
Hope Town Lodge
Gary and Nancy at
Hope Town Lodge
Three guys talking

Hope Town Light House

Picture of harbor from
top of Light House in Hope Town
Gary and Steve at the beach

Houses on the beach

More homes on the beach
near Hope Town
Hotel Lodge Bar Tender

25 January 2017

Up to light winds, as per the forecast. We prepared to get underway for Guana Cay, the home of Nippers. We were underway by 10:30 AM and had a pleasant 10 mile trip to Guana. We moored at Orchid Bay Marina as they had a special on slips of $0.50 per foot. Turns out their wifi is non existent and their price for electric and water are very high, but still a good deal. We headed to Nippers for lunch then toured the island on the golf carts followed by a stop at Grabbers on the water. Nancy and Gail, in a corn hole tournament since the beginning of this trip took on three challengers; Gary and Bob, then Steve and Mary Ann, and finally Gary and Steve. They won all three games ... they were vicious!!! They could not be beat. Congratulations to Gail and Nancy. We all headed home after the tournament and ate on board. We're now settled in and will head to Marsh Harbour tomorrow.

View of the water underway
Streets of Guana Cay
First view of Nippers
Ocean view from Nippers
Mary Ann looking at the Ocean
Another view of Nippers
Steve and Gail
Nancy enjoying another cat
Narrow streets
The corn hole tournament starts
More corn hole action
And more
The last contestants

Corn hole champions
 ... Gail and Nancy
Pretty view

Gailwinds at her slip

Bob and Gail walking
to their boat
At a bar

26 January 2017

Leaving Guana Cay this morning about 11 AM after hanging the WYA burgee at the hanging tree -- a tree many people hang momentoes. We arrived Marsh Harbour at 1 PM and settled in for a relaxing afternoon. In the evening we went to the Jib Room and joined the Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club at a steak night. Great event and included a limbo treat and great food. We're now on board and ready for the next day.

Our gang at Orchid Bay
Marina, Guana Cay, Abacos
The hanging tree where many
things are "hung" for viewing
Steve getting ready to hang
the WYA burgee
Steve posting the burgee

The gang after hanging the burgee

Just the hanging tree and
the WYA burgee
The ladies at Jib Room
and Steak Night
Rake and Scrape
The tourists
trying the limbo
Another tourist trying the limbo

The real limbo guy getting ready

Limbo lighting cigarette
before finishing a
low low limbo

27 January 2017

Second day at Marsh Harbor. We relaxed. Bob, Gail, Steve, Mary Ann, Gary and Nancy drove to Pete's Pub in Little Harbour in a rental car, buying Nancy lunch for her birthday.  Carey and I stayed on the boat hoping that the mechanic we hired would find the parts and fix our two minor problems. The parts did not arrive so no fix. We'll continue with the temporary fix. Not an issue.  To continue Nancy's birthday celebration we went to Wally's, a great local restaurant.  Afterward to Snappas for after dinner drinks and dancing.  This meal also signified Steve and Mary Ann's last day with us as they have to fly home to w--- tomorrow morning. 

Today is Nancy's birthday
Ordering food at Wally's
Hard to decide what to eat
The birthday girl
Singing happy birthday
Nancy enjoying her day
Nancy with our Waitress

Nancy and Gary at Snappas
after dinner -- a nightcap
and dancing
Also Steve and Mary Ann's
last night with us

28 January 2017

Bob and Gary took Steve and Mary Ann to the airport as they had to fly back home today. We really enjoyed their visit. Later, Bob took us to the Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbour Marina in his rental car where they were holding an art exhibit and sale. We looked around and had a bit to eat. The afternoon included doing laundry and reading for most of us. We ate dinner on board our separate boats and settled in early. We are moving back to Hope Town for a couple days tomorrow morning. We have another birthday to celebrate Monday -- Bob's.

Chalk Art at the Art Festival
View from Abaco Beach Resort and
Boat Harbour Marina Restaurant
Peaceful afternoon
Boats settled in

29 January 2017

Clouds greeted us this morning ... but we headed for Hope Town anyway. We left Harbour View at 9:30 and arrived an hour later at Hope Town. Gailwinds took a slip at Hope Town Inn and Marina and Apolonia picked up a mooring buoy. We'll all six relax today while the rain comes through and tomorrow we'll celebrate Bob's birthday at Hope Town Harbor Lodge. On Tuesday we'd head for Treasure Cay where Bob can play a game of golf.

Dinghy astern of Apolonia
on mooring buoy at
Hope Town, close to shore
Boats on mooring balls
in Hope Town Harbour

More boats on mooring balls

Shore area near
Apolonia on mooring
It's raining ... yep does happen
in the Bahamas
Gary with Hambone and
Nancy on back deck

30 January 2017

Winds much less than predicted and more sun then we expected. Relaxed on board in the AM, then all six of us had lunch at the Hope Town Harbour Lodge Bar by the pool. Bob, Gail, Gary and Nancy walked the beach in the afternoon while Phil and Carey walked the town. Nice day, and the best was helping Bob celebrate his 68th birthday at Hope Town Harbour Lodge restaurant for an evening meal where they serve the very best food. Bob arranged for the Hope Town Inn and Marina shuttle, where Gailwinds is staying, to pick the 4 of us up at Apolonia where we were staying on a buoy. At dinner presents were given ... from the Bolin's a cup and from the Vineyards a Hope Town Lighthouse T-shirt and card. Great fun. Now back on board getting ready to go to Treasure Cay tomorrow.

Pretty picnic boat around
Hope Town harbor

Bob displaying birthday cup
whose handle broke
getting to party
Bob and Nancy

Phil and Carey

Boats in Hope Town Harbour
viewed from our dinghy
Apolonia on mooring buoy

31 January 2017

Up to clouds but the forecast said sun was coming soon. We were underway by 9 AM for Treasure Cay, an 18 nautical mile trip. Beautiful weather and easy travel we tied up at Treasure Cay by 11:30 AM. Lunch at the beach Tiki bar, then relaxing on board. At 6 PM we went to the beach for a bar-b-que and bon-fire on the beach. Good food. Back on board after dinner, the 6 of us played Farkle. Great fun.

Easy travel on sea of Abaco
Chart plotters doing their job
Wind became calm ...
beautiful travel
Gary on bow watching travel

Traveling thru the channel
to Treasure Cay Marina
Big boats we'll be
moored near to
View of the beach
The group at lunch
Beautiful beach
Crew making bon fire
Part of the gang
Phil and Carey