Great Loop Cruise
Bahamas Spring 2006
Bahamas Fall 2006
Triangle Loop Sum 2008
Bahamas Winter 2009
Cherish May 2009
Chesapeake Bay 2011
2012/13 Bahamas
Land Trips


We are Phil and Carey Bolin. 

These web pages hold pictures and descriptions of our adventures prior to 2014.  We've traveled over 25,000 miles by this time.  You have gotten here probably by going to our new web site, prepared in another software. 

The boat has been great to us and we have enjoyed the travels and will do many more if our health holds up. See the details of our travels using the links at left.  Each section has comments and pictures about the trips we've taken.  If you have comments or questions email us at philbolin@mvapolonia.com

You will note that this section of the web provides the following information:

  • Full description of a Great Loop Cruise in 2005

  • Bahamas cruises: Two in 2006, one in 2009 and one in 2012.

  • A Triangle Loop to Ottawa and Montreal in 2008.

  • A special Cruise aboard a friends boat Cherish.

  • A cruise around the Chesapeake in 2011

  • And a couple of land trips. 

Enjoy reviewing the pictures and descriptions.


Here is the boat, Apolonia.